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Universitätsklinik für Neurologie

Memory and Consciousness Group Meetings

The daily meeting in the glass conference room at Zenit 1 (11am - 1pm)

2010-05-04 Alexander Pastukhov
"Perceptual memory of weak and multistable displays"
2010-03-23 Roos Houtkamp
"Selection and matching in visual search"
2009-11-06 Benedikt Zoefel
"Upper Alpha Neurofeedback - Trainability and impact on cognitive performance"
2009-06-17 Dr Maria Wimber
"Encoding processes supportinglater perceptual identification vs. explicit memory"
2009-05-19 Dr. Daniela Fenker
"Expectation of emotional events and memory performance"
2009-01-27 Björn Schott
"A genetic modifier of human aggression and anger control"
2008-12-09 Oussama Hamid
"Changing values in an uncertain world: The role of temporal context"
2008-11-25 Dr Notger Müller
"The role of dopamine and acetylcholine in attentional selection and working memory"
2008-11-11 Dr. Robert Fendrich
"How neural transitions can make invisible motions visible"
2008-10-28 Dr. Jan Brascamp
“Ambiguous images reveal history dependence in visual processing”
2008-10-21 Dr. G Markopoulos
“Recognition failure of recognisable words: The role of the insula”
2008-04-22 Dr. Kerstin Krauel
"Memory organisation in ADHD"
2008-03-18 Martin Walter
"Pay more attention to sex"
2008-03-04 Alexander Pastukhov
"A short-term memory of multi-stable perception".
2008-02-19 Bjoern Schott
"Effects of interindividual variability in dopaminergic neurotransmission on human learning"
2008-02-12 Maria Wimber
"Inhibition in episodic memory: Neural correlates of retrieval-induced forgetting"
2007-12-18 Dr. Catherine Sweeney-Reed
"Empirical mode decomposition phase locking analysis of synchronisation in the EEG"
2007-11-20  Dr. Elena Magno
"Neural correlates of error avoidance"
2007-11-06 Maria Wimber
University of Regensburg " Inhibition in episodic memory: Neural correlates of retrieval-induced forgetting"
2007-06-29 Dr. Toemme Noesselt
"Functional Neuroanatomy of audiovisual integration"
2007-06-22 Oussama Hamid
"Temporal context and reinforcement learning"
2007-06-15 Dr. Ariel Schoenfeld
"Temporal dynamics of feature- and object-based attention"
2007-06-01 Dr. Marcus Grueschow
"Chromatic Responses in Human Visual Cortex"
2007-05-18 Dr. Jochem Rieger
"Context constrains rapid object discrimination in natural scenes"
2007-05-11 Dr. Dani Fenker
"Active representation of emotional context and memory formation"
2007-04-27 Dr. Kerstin Krauel
"Episodic memory in children and adolescents with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)" Continued
2007-04-13 Dr. Gerry Markopoulos
"Comparisons of global and local environmental context effects in human memory" Continued
2007-03-23 Dr. Max Hopf
"Mechanisms of flexible attentional selection in the visual system"
2007-03-16 Dr. Odin van der Stelt
"Application of EEG to the study of cognitive and brain functions in neuropsychiatric disorders" Continued
2007-02-23 Dr. Alan Richardson-Klavehn
"Psychological and neural processes of perceptual priming" Continued
2007-02-09 Dr. Sasha Pastukhov
"The relationship between perceptual rivalry for ambiguous stimuli and attention" Continued
2007-02-05 Professor Christoph Herrmann
"Cognitive and behavioural correlates of human EEG gamma oscillations"
2007-01-29 Professor Voges
"Is Stereotactic Neurosurgery instrumental in investigations of cerebral networks related to memory and consciousness"
2007-01-22 Dr. Nils Bodammer
"Basics of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) & introduction to probabilistic fibertracking"
2007-01-19 Dr. Roos Houtkamp
"Stimulus processing without attention"
2007-01-15 Ulrike Kraemer
"The impact of genotypes in the dopaminergic system on executive functions"
2006-12-15 Sabine Stallforth
"Modulatory effects of Levetiracetam and Carbamazepine during memory formation in healthy volunteers"
2006-12-08 Dr. Bjoern Schott
"Is it really dopamine? Insights into human reward processing from aging, Parkinson's disease and PET"
2006-11-24 Dr. Andrew Rutherford
"Stimulus familiarity and Environmental Context-dependent recognition memory: a dual process perspective"
2006-11-17 Ruth Krebs
"Novelty and Familiarity of Reward-Predicting Cues"
2006-11-10 Maria Wimber
"Inhibition Leaves Traces"
2006-11-03 Zara Bergstrom
"Voluntary suppression of episodic retrieval and its later consequences" Continued
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