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In 1997, the State of Saxony-Anhalt passed legislation to promote the development of medical faculties. Start-up funding was provided for the Magdeburg University Medical Center, including funding for the construction of a new medical complex. The groundbreaking for this complex was carried out on April 9, 1998. The completion of these ultramodern hospital buildings took place in the autumn of 2004. Among the many departments within the hospital is the Department of Neurology, which contains a healthcare facility, numerous specialized outpatient clinics, a stroke unit and neurological wards. Altogether, these facilities provide over 54 beds in comfortable patient rooms.

Overview of the Priorities of the Department

The Department focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS) and other inflammatory illnesses of the nervous system, neuromuscular diseases, Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders, sleep disorders, and dementia.  In addition, it has state-of-the-art facilities for the diagnoses and treatment of strokes and brain tumors.  In the neurovascular ultrasonic laboratory, disturbances in brain blood circulation are measured using the most modern methods available.

» Ambulatory/Medical Care Center
» Stroke Unit
» Neurovascular Disorders
» Intensive Care
» Epilepsy
» Parkinson and other Movement Disorders
» Multiple Scleroris
» Neuromuscular Diseases/ Neuromuscular Center
» Lou Gehrig´s Disease (ALS/ amyotropic lateral scleroris)
» Neuropsychology
» Degenerative Illnesses
» Dementia and Cognitive Disturbances
» Botulinum Toxin Therapy
» Neurometabolic Disorders
» Restorative Neurology
» Mitochondrial function laboratory
» Spastic Spinal Paralysis and Ataxy
» Outpatient Clinics
» Clinical Research Instrumentation
» Cooperation
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