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Epileptology Unit


Dr. med. Friedhelm C. Schmitt


Dr. med. Peter Körtvelyessy
Andrea Goedecke (Nurse)
Heike Knape (Nurse)
Silke Schmidt (Case Manager)

Doctoral Students and Postgraduates

cand. med. Ann Kitay
cand. med. Antonia Riegger
cand. med. Dominik Thuberg


Our offers in the epileptology unit

The Epileptology Unit, a part of the Department of Neurology, deals with the diagnosis and treatment of seizure disorders. In the epilepsy outpatient clinic patients with paroxysmal disorders are examined, required diagnostic procedures initiated, and appropriate treatment recommendations provided. If necessary, patients are brought to the inpatient area of the Epileptology Unit for video EEG monitoring.

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Clincal Research

1. Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) has been established for decades as an effective therapeutic procedure with few side effects for movement disorder diseases (Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, tic disturbances, etc.). Numerous investigations have established the required surgical procedures are safe, and entail only minor patient risks (Voges et al 2006).

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2. Thermoablation

Stereotactic thermoablation has a legitimate place in the treatment of carefully selected epilepsy patients. This is particularly true for patients for whom standard resective procedures are not suitable. The thermoablative method offers the advantage of much lower preoperative stress and the possibility
of a stepped approach with repeated partial removals of the seizure-inducing tissue, allowing neurophysiological adjustments to occur during the intraoperative periods.

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Additional Researh Projects

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workgroup Epileptology: (f.l.t.r.) cand. med. Harim Lee, Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Marquardt, cand. med. Ann Kitay, Dr. med. Friedhelm C. Schmitt


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