At 31 years of age, Stephanie Schreiber is the youngest recipient of a habilitation in the history of the Magdeburg Medical School

22.01.2014 -  

schreiber_stefanieSchreiber's professional career as an Assistant Professor at Magdeburg is marked by important milestones. In 2009 she established a collaborative working group between DZNE and the Department of Neurology (under the supervision of Prof. Dr. rer nat. K.G. Reymannand and Prof. Dr. med. H-J. Heinze). During the following years this working group developed an animal model of cerebral microangiopathy. The group described a microangiopathic cascade in the rat that begins with a malfunction of the smallest vessels of the endothelium. In age-related developments, the animals subsequently develop a disturbance of the blood brain barrier, small perivascular hemorrhages and reactive thromboses with consequent infarctions. Even in its early stages the microangiopathy causes neurons adjacent to the damaged vascular system to malfunction. Moreover, Stefanie Schreiber and her group have demonstrated that these rats develop an Alzheimer's like pathology. This discovery suggests that in humans microvascular damage could be a contributing factor to the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. In this case a control of vascular risk factors, such as hypertension and diabetes (which damage the cerebral microvasculature), could prove beneficial for impeding the development of the Alzheimer's pathology. Stefanie Schreiber's working group has a broad range of methods at its disposal and works together with diverse partners at home and abroad.

Together with Prof. Dr. med. P. Vielhaber and Prof. Dr. med. M. Görtler, Stefanie Schreiber has also introduced sonography of peripheral nerves as a clinical-neurological method at Magdeburg.

Starting in January of 2014 Dr. Schreiber will be conducting research in Berkeley, California, USA, with the aim of using a combination of imaging techniques, including PET biomarkers, to examine patients with cerebral microangiopathy and Alzheimer’s dementia.

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